WANI BOOKOUT「yujiのmonthly session」イラスト担当

WANI BOOKOUTの大人気連載「yujiのmonthly session」のリニューアルにあたり、バナーと全星座のイラストを担当しました。




【WANI BOOKOUT 「yujiのmonthly session」】https://www.wanibookout.com/horoscopes/





For the renewal of WANI BOOKOUT’s “yuji’s monthly session”, I was in charge of the banner and illustration of all constellations.

Nowadays, anxiety and expectations for the future are mixed
It is around this time that I am becoming more and more comfortable spending my days with the moon and stars.

Please enjoy yuji’s star reading, which is light and pushes your back, with the artwork.

Please also interview. I’m talking about how I became a painter.

【WANI BOOKOUT 「yuji’s monthly session」】https://www.wanibookout.com/horoscopes/